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I have been a creative professional since 1987. I am ready to use my professional skills to help you look your best!


I have been a working professional in the world of design since 1987 - when I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University.

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I have a mission!

My mission is to provide my best professional service with as little overhead as possible. That means lower prices for you!


BASIC WEB DESIGN: $300 for the first page and $50 per page for each page thereafter. Special graphics (logos, banner ads, slogans, ad design, print design, photography services, etc) are charged at the Graphic Design fee below. Domain names and hosting are not included in this price and can be set up through HostGator or other hosting companies.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: All services (beyond the flat rate web design fees above) are $50 per hour. This includes such things as logo, print, signage, web graphics, banner ads, video editing, copywriting & editing, brand development, technical support, site maintenance, etc.

CMS, ECOMMERCE, DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Content management, ecommerce and database driven sites are highly technical and will bill at $50 per hour plus fees incurred if outside consultation is necessary.

Large projects will require downpayment and be billed as work progresses. Final payment is due upon project completion at which point the rights to the work will be released to the client.


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Mouse-over the designs below for descriptions. Click the magnifying glass icon to see design details. Click chain link icon to go to client website.

  • Unarco Pallet Rack Logo

    Unarco Pallet Rack Company


    Unarco is a pallet rack company in Springfield, Tennessee. I redesigned their former site to a Wordpress site that is easier for them to update and manage.

    website link
  • Drupal Camp Nashville 2012

    Attendee Badges

    Drupal Camp Nashville is a community organized event that focuses on discussion and training about the Drupal content management system. I had the privilege of designing their attendee badges for 2012!

    website link preview
  • Sunrae Environmental

    Sunrae Environmental


    Sunrae Environmental is a clean technology company based out of Tennessee. I was called upon for logo/slogan design, and to build a responsive HTML5/CSS3 website.

    website link preview
  • Sunrae Environmental



    RealBright-Sunrae Water, LLC is a subsidiary of Sunrae Environmental. I was called upon for logo/label design, and will soon build a responsive HTML5/CSS3 website.

  • Boxley Springs Farm


    Boxley Springs Farm is located in the Leiper's Fork community just south of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a great place to rent for events! I created their logo, branding and a responsive Wordpress site for them.

    website link preview
  • NOW Records

    Logo Update & Drupal Site

    Now Records is a recording company in Nashville, TN. I revised and enhanced their logo, designed Drupal interactive website, branding artwork print items, t-shirt design, mailers, web banners & other promotional materials

    website link preview
  • Healthcare Investment Group

    Healthcare Investment Group

    3 Responsive Wordpress Sites

    3 responsive wordpress sites designed for Healthcare Investment Group

    other websites linked
  • Ascension Financial Partners


    Ascension Financial Partners is an insurance and financial services firm in Nashville, TN. I have enhanced their logo and designed ads, brochures, business cards, signage and web graphics for their online newsletter.

  • Music City Motorcycle


    Music City Motorcycle has been a client for many years. I have helped with logo enhancement, website, print and t-shirt design, business and event branding, social media presence, and more...

    website link preview
  • Sticky Fingers Band


    Sticky Fingers has been called the greatest rock and roll tribute band in the world and have sold out concerts with their cover of the rolling stones. I had the privilege of creating their website.

  • Kids First

    Logo & Letterhead

    Kids First was founded in the early 1990s, by three Duke University-trained orthopedic surgeons. The three saw a need for pediatric orthopedic outreach in South and Central America. I had the privilege of designing their logo and letterhead for them.

  • Vanderbilt Orthopaedics


    From 2000 through 2011 I designed websites, videos, patient education materials, and many of the academic and marketing materials for Vanderbilt Orthopaedics. All pieces were carefully unified to represent the department and meet strict graphics standards.

    details preview
  • Vanderbilt Orthopaedics

    Annual Report

    This is an example of an annual report that was not completed. I designed the report with greeking for content placement and black boxes where photos would have been inserted. Click the chain link to view the entire booklet.

    details preview
  • Clinic Bowl

    Event Branding

    The Clinic Bowl Kick-off Classic is a high school football game hosted in Nashville each year to raise money for a charity. From 2008 to 2010 I managed branding for this event. I designed their logo, signage, vehicle, web graphics, menus, programs,table tents, etc.

  • Crown Sales


    Crown Sales is a party and event supply business in Somerset, Kentucky. I designed their logos and signage for them and recently did a graphic for their new wedding chapel and an awning sign.

  • Print Parrot

    Logo Design

    Print Parrot is an online printing company. I designed the logo for this project.

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